let there be light!

Squeezing in a little futzing between work and gym….

I needed to connect the brakelight to a hot, and discovered I don’t have a connector for it.
But I was able to snug it in for a test run. After the gym, I’ll stop at the store and pick up a connector and wire it in proper-like.

Worked on some wiring aaaand…. Let there be LIGHT!

I didn’t secure the headlight yet because I need to wire that brake light in, but it works! :rock:

and so does the tail light and brake light! (couldn’t really get a shot of the brighter brake light, so you’ll hafta take my word for it. 😉 )

I tried to get a shot of both headlight and tail light, but my kitchen is a little small for a panorama pic….


I’ve got a few wires I need to block off, and then I’ll neaten the whole thing up, put seat and tank on.

I’ll work on it this eve!


Started off Saturday with a bang!
My friend Steve from Howlers VMC came over and we were going to kick some serious RD butt and get ‘er done!

I finished wiring in the tail light while Steve torqued down everything on the bike.

My super-fancy soldering iron holder:

I think I’ll route those under the seat mount.

Cleaned off the chain. Ready for install!

Doesn’t look like it’s close to done, but it is, I swear!

Needs little things like fenders and I gotta get some blade connectors for the battery.

While installing the chain, there was a problem. One of the rotor bolts was hitting the swingarm. Uh oh. and WTH?
Time to take the rear wheel off and investigate.

Marked with an X

Turned out, whoever put the wheel back together (ahem) hadn’t seated the bolts properly. (der)

There are grooves they fit into. Oops.

Got the bolts seated properly and wheel back together, but I ran out of time, so nothing else got done on the RD.

Slowly but surely….

RD headlight!

Onward and forward!

Came home today to find an expected package in unexpected smooshy condition. (I finally broke down and bought a headlight!)
Ruh row.

Crossing my fingers that my new headlight wasn’t also smooshed, I opened the box.

It was fine!
And has a name, “Xanadu” there on the lens (maybe I’ll name the RD “Olivia”… 😆 )

But holy hell is that thing shiny! I’ll have to do something about that.

I mocked it up on the bike (need larger mounting screws and probably different ears, or just bend these.)

Not bad!

That was the last major hurdle to getting RD done finally! Now I have to find time for the rest of the smaller stuff.

Off to buy a spark plug for the KL now….