“Some of the things that I learned from my dad”

My dad wrote this for his pop Father’s Day 1988
I came across the letter a couple of days ago.
Some good advice here.

  • Common Sense
  • Life is simpler than it appears to be
  • One can live an honest life
  • Don’t look back
  • Have faith
  • Wash the windows, check the oil, the battery, the radiator, and the tires.
          Give service
  • Don’t hit your little brother
  • Hard work is worth it
  • Don’t look down on others … and who am I to judge?
  • One does not need to make a lot of noise
  • Listen to your mother
  • Picking fights with people bigger than you is usually a stupid thing to do
  • One can be at peace in mind and in heart
  • Think! and too much thinking causes problems!
  • Take care of your family
  • Live your own life
  • Don’t worry too much
  • The point of fishing, the joy of it, has nothing to do with how many fish you catch. It has nothing to do with catching fish at all.
  • For Fathers Day 1988
    with love,
    your son