I usually don’t do these kinds of lists, but in light of the political atmosphere and general tension, I think it’s good to remind oneself of the good things. Hopefully, this will inspire others to do the same.

In no particular order:

Thankful for:

  • The doggies. Their unabashed appreciation of my existence, especially around meal times, always brings a smile to my face, and often a giggle too. I love these furry critters.
  • Continued decent health. I am lucky to have hearty genes.
  • My history of friends. When I posted on my Facebook page that I was leaving my job to go travel road-trip, the massive response, invitations, and “move here!” replies overwhelmed me. I was looking at 35+ years of my life through my friend’s posts. I am astounded by the wonderful people I’ve made – and continued to have – connections with throughout my many, many, varied chapters of life thus far.
  • Family. We are spread out over a few continents, but still email and call each other for advice, recipes, and updates, and we gather together when possible.
  • The opportunities this job has given me over the past few years. I’ve learned a ton both about tech and about corporate work environments. It is all valuable learnings.  I hope to take my knowledge forward to build a solid new chapter.
  • Did I mention my doggies?
  • The camper. I was fortunate to be able to buy my camper last year. It has kept me sane during some very trying months. It is also in what the pups and I will be living for the next indeterminate amount of time.
  • My truck. Solid, well-built, reliable.

I must say that it’s hard to list everything for which I am thankful.

Suffice to say: thank you.