RD headlight!

Onward and forward!

Came home today to find an expected package in unexpected smooshy condition. (I finally broke down and bought a headlight!)
Ruh row.

Crossing my fingers that my new headlight wasn’t also smooshed, I opened the box.

It was fine!
And has a name, “Xanadu” there on the lens (maybe I’ll name the RD “Olivia”… 😆 )

But holy hell is that thing shiny! I’ll have to do something about that.

I mocked it up on the bike (need larger mounting screws and probably different ears, or just bend these.)

Not bad!

That was the last major hurdle to getting RD done finally! Now I have to find time for the rest of the smaller stuff.

Off to buy a spark plug for the KL now….

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