Started off Saturday with a bang!
My friend Steve from Howlers VMC came over and we were going to kick some serious RD butt and get ‘er done!

I finished wiring in the tail light while Steve torqued down everything on the bike.

My super-fancy soldering iron holder:

I think I’ll route those under the seat mount.

Cleaned off the chain. Ready for install!

Doesn’t look like it’s close to done, but it is, I swear!

Needs little things like fenders and I gotta get some blade connectors for the battery.

While installing the chain, there was a problem. One of the rotor bolts was hitting the swingarm. Uh oh. and WTH?
Time to take the rear wheel off and investigate.

Marked with an X

Turned out, whoever put the wheel back together (ahem) hadn’t seated the bolts properly. (der)

There are grooves they fit into. Oops.

Got the bolts seated properly and wheel back together, but I ran out of time, so nothing else got done on the RD.

Slowly but surely….

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