let there be light!

Squeezing in a little futzing between work and gym….

I needed to connect the brakelight to a hot, and discovered I don’t have a connector for it.
But I was able to snug it in for a test run. After the gym, I’ll stop at the store and pick up a connector and wire it in proper-like.

Worked on some wiring aaaand…. Let there be LIGHT!

I didn’t secure the headlight yet because I need to wire that brake light in, but it works! :rock:

and so does the tail light and brake light! (couldn’t really get a shot of the brighter brake light, so you’ll hafta take my word for it. đŸ˜‰ )

I tried to get a shot of both headlight and tail light, but my kitchen is a little small for a panorama pic….


I’ve got a few wires I need to block off, and then I’ll neaten the whole thing up, put seat and tank on.

I’ll work on it this eve!

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