working out continued

I’m finishing up my third week of this workout program. It’s going well, I think. I’ve definitely made some progress; my right shoulder (which tends to crunch when rotating from a skateboarding accident many years ago) can now keep up with my left shoulder in an exercise called the “half-kneeling wood chop“, I can dead lift with confidence 90lbs, and can do 100lbs but haven’t gotten to chutzpah up yet to ask for help getting the 100lb barbell back on to the rack if someone before me put it back up high. My cardio has improved and I can hold the plank hold longer than I could three weeks ago.
Progress is good but I’m impatient and want to be at my goal Now! Now now now!

I eat well in general, but for the first time have been monitoring my food intake online. It’s pretty cool – the website I’m using adds up all the carbs and calories and fats and proteins and tells you what you need more or less of. I tend to need more fats and proteins. I figure this is just an excuse to eat more sushi!

Well on my way to my goals and enjoying it quite a bit. One of the nice side-effects of working out is how it will improve my motorcycle riding – both stamina and confidence. Last week’s birthday ride was seven hours of curvy goodness, with an awesome lunch too. But I was exhausted when I got home. Some of that was from too much sun exposure which definitely wore me out, but some was just plain ole’ stamina wearing out. I guess the conclusion is that I need to go on more long rides and eat more sushi. Excellent!

working out

When is a lat pull not a lat pull? When you use the machine incorrectly.
Or maybe I did it correctly and my shoulders got in the way.
I don’t think my upper back is supposed to ache after doing a lat pull machine.

I started working out again.
A couplea months late, but better late than never, eh?

Strength matters when you have to carry a 200+lb person who is strapped to a backboard backwards up or down a flight of stairs.

Glutes, quads, hamstrings. Traps, lats, biceps. Balance, body mechanics, concentration.
These are just some of the things that go into an EMT’s job skill set.

Here we go!

add new

I really need to update this thing more often.

Since my last writing, I’ve acquired a new wallet, replaced all my various identifications, gone on a few rides, seen some cool vintage bikes (check out my flickr stream for photos) and eaten quite a bit of yummy Thai food.

The 4th anniversary of my dad’s death is right around the corner. I find that I miss him most on days where I’ve accomplished something. I so want to call him and say, “Hey pop! Guess what?!” and he’d say, “Hiya bachagaloop!” and then he’d go on to actually try to guess which would frustrate me to no end.


I’m too hungry to write more now.

Hey pop, guess what?