I got this bike last week and wrote this up that night:

I just got this 1974 RD350 in from Oakland, CA.

It came with an untiltled RD400 rolling chassis (not sure what year yet)

I had enough energy to take off the seat and see how my old spiky seat will look

and had a friend join me

If you want to see more pics, go here:

Initial thinks:
+ I’m gonna get rid of that gawd-awful rear fender/tail light/turn signal combo.
+ I’m considering getting a headlight bucket that has the speedo integrated in it and getting rid of the huge instrument cluster. We’ll see. I might go with a simple tach/speedo set up too.
+ clip ons
+ gotta figure out how to attach the spiky seat. My last R5 it was just zip tied. This time I’d like to figure out how to affix the hinges to the fiberglass ? ….
+ hmmm. mag wheels.
+ rear sets (cuz I can’t just use the passenger pegs)
+ gotta get some pipes on this thing. must ring-a-ding-ding.
+ put some inline quick release for crossover tube and gas lines. I like the copper tubing some ppl use (seen some great photos on this forum recently). Might look into that.
+ other stuff.

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