Kerry dog gone missing

Kerry dog went missing while we were camping at the Grand Canyon Village this past weekend (05/30/2015). He disappeared Saturday morning around 8:30am.

If you are going up there, or know anyone who is, please keep an eye out for this timid, sweet, little guy. I’m hoping that his hunger wins out over his fear of people (and everything) and he approaches someone for help. Soon.

$500 REWARD for his safe return.
He was last seen at Grand Canyon National Park Village
Between Market Plaza and up South Entrance Road a couple of miles (not to Central) Maybe near Trailer Village (which is right next to the Market)?

He’s very timid, but not aggressive!
Small black Shih-Tzu x pug mix, KERRY.
Please contact

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 to Golden Bone Rescue  and/or
Send Email
 me or contact me thru razorgirls
call / text 773-988-6788