long lost

I loved her back then. She was creative and joyful, full of glee and some deeper sadness. Our visits were something I always anticipated with a happy heart. We traded mixed tapes and whispered our future dreams to each other in the darkness of her bedroom.

Twenty-seven years have passed and I never expected to feel so connected – so re-connected – from the moment she waved at me across the hotel driveway.

You would think that after all those years and all those lives lived, places traveled, heartaches, and heartfelt experiences, we wouldn’t recognize each other. But there she was in all of her … her-ness. The same girl I knew during our oh-so-formative years was standing there, motioning at me to get into her car.

There were extra lines on her face – twenty-seven years has a way of doing that to our bodies, but she was there, creative and joyful, full of glee and lacking that dark undercurrent.

Oh, how wonderful to hear her stories of the past two plus decades! How comfortable it felt to wrap my arms around her in a familiar bear hug! In those moments, we were 16 again, connected and re-connected in a lovely Kansas City summer night.

EMT training

In a week and a half I start my EMT training.
I’m very excited!

I was thinking this morning about how before I’d moved here, I’m mentioned to my boyfriend (now ex) that I was considering getting out of IT and looking into Nursing.
He was not encouraging. Made noises indicating that he didn’t like the idea.
I have the unfortunate habit of giving boyfriend’s opinions a lot of weight, and kind of put the idea out of my mind … for a while.

After we broke up, I revisited the idea and realized that I was still excited about it. I went back to a subject that I’d considered many years ago: EMT training and starting looking into that as a real possibility. My friends are all terribly supportive and encouraging. It’s so refreshing!

Once I start school, razorgirls.org will regain focus and postings about my EMT training will crop up.
I will keep motorcycle and rkba sections, but the primary subject will be my present schooling.

I am looking forward to this. I have even started reading the text book. heh.
I wish that I could tell my pop.