EMT training

In a week and a half I start my EMT training.
I’m very excited!

I was thinking this morning about how before I’d moved here, I’m mentioned to my boyfriend (now ex) that I was considering getting out of IT and looking into Nursing.
He was not encouraging. Made noises indicating that he didn’t like the idea.
I have the unfortunate habit of giving boyfriend’s opinions a lot of weight, and kind of put the idea out of my mind … for a while.

After we broke up, I revisited the idea and realized that I was still excited about it. I went back to a subject that I’d considered many years ago: EMT training and starting looking into that as a real possibility. My friends are all terribly supportive and encouraging. It’s so refreshing!

Once I start school, razorgirls.org will regain focus and postings about my EMT training will crop up.
I will keep motorcycle and rkba sections, but the primary subject will be my present schooling.

I am looking forward to this. I have even started reading the text book. heh.
I wish that I could tell my pop.

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