eclipse 08-21-2017

Patiently, we wait.

I see through my special glasses the wispy clouds in front of the eclipse give the impression of a lunar fluidity – as if the moon and sun have a soluble state and will perhaps at any moment merge into a fantastic lunar/solar cataclysmic event.

Seeing the corona with the naked eye, the center looks like it will burst through. The sun will take over the moon that is rudely blocking its view – the angry halo reaching out into the sky. I don’t have a setup for taking amazing photos of the corona – like the one below taken by my friend and photog extraordinaire Devin Miller, but my phone shows the beauty of the sky at totality.

Obviously, the sun and the moon are actually far, far, apart from each other, but the wavering edges of the clouds trick my vision and do not convey celestial solidity.

┬ęDevin Miller

As I bask in the moon wind it’s strength reaching earth affecting the tides, it pulls me onward.

From darkness
I go onto the road of darkness.
Moon, shine on me from far
over the mountain edge.

~ Zen Master Ikkyyu