DR350 rear rack

Got my rear rack mounted yesterday. It’s awesome!

Of course, the process started slowly because a bolt wouldn’t come out.
My friend brought over a breaker bar for that bolt and stayed to help.

Got it fitted up and checked out how it will mount.
The pug was there for moral support and to guard the property.

The turn signal wires on the right side ended up being too short (the rack mounts the signals a little further back) so we spliced some wire in and made em the correct length.

It was too nice a day to roll the bike into the workshop, so set up outside
Pulled out the drill so I could widen the holes in the storage tubes where the signals mounted.

She was a big help

All done! Looks great!


Dad’s Christmas Story

My dad had a radio show for many years at WTBQ radio station in upstate New York. He would send me his transcripts in email and I saved them. My plan was to edit them and create a book for him. This turned out to be a larger project than I could handle. After he died in 2006, I was able to hire professional editors to edit the transcripts and I put together a book. I also put the writings online here.

While my dad was at WTBQ they recorded “A Hometown Christmas” show and they play it each year for the holidays.

Here is my dad’s piece: