DR Seat

Got home after dark to find my new lower seat for the DR waiting for me! (thanks FedEx!)

This evenings workshop where I took off the Big Blue.

Kind of a wonky self-portrait, but trying to show that I can finally touch the ground – and with both feet even! I’m not flat foot, but good enough!

Lookin’ good!

Tomorrow I’ll shorten the kickstand (somehow? with a little help from my friends….) so that it doesn’t tip over when I try to kick-start it.

First Birthday

A year ago yesterday, I started the “Howlers Vintage Motorcycle Club“. I had recently moved to a new little town and wanted to meet other vintage bike enthusiasts, so I figured what better way than to start a group? Well, it worked.

Here I am, a year later (holy cow, has it really been a year already?!) with a solid group of regulars, some good friends, a decent membership, and a pretty darn good logo (if I do say so myself 😉 ).

Earlier in the day yesterday I mentioned to a couple of my fellow Howlers that it was our first anniversary, and we decided to have an impromptu birthday celebration last night.

Howlers birthday cake and drinks

Happy First Birthday, Howlers VMC!

Howlers VMC logo


I am a bad geek.

I’ve watched a fair amount of videos on youtube and have enjoyed watching other people’s motorcycle adventures (and misadventures), but I didn’t realize until recently that there is a whole genre out there called “vlogging.” This is “video logging” – pretty obvious, I know. But sometimes it takes getting bonked over the head with some rebar to get the picture. (I can be pretty thick skulled at times.)

After some friends encouraged me to try it out, I’m diving head first into this wild world of video logging my motorcycle adventures. I got my channel set up, although I’ll most likely tweak with the aesthetics before I’m set on a look.

We’ll see. Perhaps this will prove to be a whole new fun adventure!