July 28

Earlier this week I pulled the forks off with the intention of replacing the fork seals. However, when I pulled them, I saw how rusty and pitted they are. I discovered that they are also pretty darn bent.

So, I pulled the forks off my 400 roller.
They are much nicer! And straight. Yay!
There is only a little surface rust that I can take care of easily.

What I discovered, however, is that these folks are larger than the ones I pulled off.

Last night, I was hanging out with a couple of fellow two-stroke fanatics. They introduced me to some fantastic beer.


My friend suggested that the rusty, bent forks might be RD350LC forks.
33mm with the dual disc mounts. (Stock RD350 are 34mm).

So, today I went back into the garage and compared them

Because the decent ones are larger, I pulled the steering stem (tripples) off the roller.

They need some cleaning and new (tapered) bearings, but they should do the trick.

And yes, I’m back to considering painting the frame.

July 24 forks

Pulled the forks this morning.
But they are pretty pitted. Hrmph.

Not sure how low the pitting needs to be to destroy more fork seals…

Now my bike looks gimpy.

Since it’s so far taken apart anyway, and I’m gonna need to pull the top tripple to replace steering head bearings. Should probably pull the swingarm and replace the bushing…

It’s hard to resist just taking it down to the frame and painting the frame and building it back up. 😀

July 23

Yesterday, I mocked up my seat. The battery sits too high, so I took it out. It needs some cleaning up… and I need a shorter battery.

Also, I’m going to get rid of all those electrics (capacitors etc) and replace it with a regulator/rectifier which I hope to tuck either under the spiky solo section or perhaps tuck up under the tank right where it meets the seat.

I also took off the oil tank and love how the bike looks more streamlined inside.

Trying to plan for taillight. I’m considering welding a wrap around under the spiky part and have a single lens taillight subtly tucked underneath.

Next… pull forks in prep for fork seals.