My dad had a terrible singing voice.
He not only admitted it, but I think was a little proud of how bad he was.

One of our favorite activities to do together was sing. We had a repertoire of mostly Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, and the Beach Boys.

On our better days, we would do really horrible harmonies and scare anyone who was within hearing distance – which was often, since we had a tendency to sing at the top of our lungs in public places, like while waiting for the elevator in his condo building, or when walking down the sidewalk in front of a cafe.

We especially liked to sing the Beatles “Yesterday.” I think because it has the odd notes and is actually a rather difficult song to do well. Whatever the more difficult path, we tended to wander down it.

As the eighth anniversary of my dad’s death approaches (April 9th), my thoughts have been increasingly of him.

This morning, I woke up with one of his favorite songs in my head and was missing our off-harmonic caterwauling.


I am a bad geek.

I’ve watched a fair amount of videos on youtube and have enjoyed watching other people’s motorcycle adventures (and misadventures), but I didn’t realize until recently that there is a whole genre out there called “vlogging.” This is “video logging” – pretty obvious, I know. But sometimes it takes getting bonked over the head with some rebar to get the picture. (I can be pretty thick skulled at times.)

After some friends encouraged me to try it out, I’m diving head first into this wild world of video logging my motorcycle adventures. I got my channel set up, although I’ll most likely tweak with the aesthetics before I’m set on a look.

We’ll see. Perhaps this will prove to be a whole new fun adventure!