“grown up”

I came across a journal entry from when I was in my early 20’s. A friend asked me what I thought “grown up” is. I wrote that my reply was “no matter what you do grown-up is when you actually do the things you are going to do (art projects etc.), when you can care for yourself financially. I guess it’s when you push to realize your dreams.”

Apparently I was on an airplane when I was writing this, because the next line is, “once again folks, be sure you have your seat-belts fastened; we will be going very, very fast.”

and then I wrote about my love of the south west. “one of these days I will get back there,” I wrote. And here I am. And it is as lovely as I remembered it. I must be grown up; I am responsible, I do the things I say I’m going to do and I’m in the process of realizing some dreams and it is exciting.


the view of the world from a motorcycle is quite different than from inside a car. it’s wonderful. there are no distractions; no radio, nothing to reach for in the passenger seat, nothing rattling around in the back…. attention is focused externally; the cars around you, the road condition, the view, avoiding bugs….

in a car you are isolated and protected. on a bike you feel the air are not totally protected from the heat or the cold even when you are wearing excellent gear. a brisk ride in the morning wakes up your senses, makes you alert.


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