DR350 fun

The other day, I turned my ’78 KL250 into a sweet 1991 DR350. Magic!

It’s hanging out with my Hawk:

I’m 5’4″ so it’s a wee bit tall for me, especially with that fancy seat. 🙂
It’s been many years since I did any off-road riding (and back when I did, it wasn’t much) so I’m really excited about getting back into it.

Pugsly likes bike parts! Yum!

Got 2″ lowering links for the DR and installed them yesterday at a friend’s house.

Measured stuff

Got the DR up on a stand

Got the old links off and set them next to my shiny new 2″ lowering links.
They don’t look much longer. Hmmm.

Got the new links on and torqued down

My friend’s doggie kept an eye out for danger

The links got me about 1.5″ lower.
We adjusted the suspension a bunch and ended up around 34.5″.
I can now touch with tippy toes with both feet, so that’s definitely better.
Now I need a shorter kickstand!

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