mock-up time

Found me some biggie sized female blade connectors at this cool little supply store up the street yesterday.

Tried fitting one on, and broke the fitting. Oops. Then I had to go to yoga.

This afternoon, I pulled the carb off the KL and a whole bunch of gas drained out of the float bowl before I loosened any screws.
Hm. That’s not right.

I got a headache from the gas fumes, so I went inside and dug around in the required box ‘o random bits the seller gave me when I picked up the KL.
There was this bran’ spankin new Keihin but this piece is busted off of it.
I’m not familiar with these carbs, so I’m going to hafta do some reading up on these things.

My head was killing me, so I made some popcorn and watched tv for a bit.

After tv watchin’ (“Orange is the New Black”), I focused in on the RD. Took the second blade connector and crimped it on. This time my mighty strength did not work against me and I got it tightened without breaking it. 😉

Time to zip-tie! Fun!

I zipped up a bunch of wires in an effort to neaten it up so there aren’t a bunch of wires randomly hanging down from under the seat and tank. I didn’t do a great job, but just working for the mock-up, right? 🙂

I re-zipped the ignition on to the tripple

and pulled the tank out of the shed.

Time for a mock-up!

Headlight? Check.

Tail light? Check.

For some reason, the battery no longer fits under the seat. It hits the under-seat and the battery box won’t bolt in. Odd.

“Worked two years ago”
Guess I’ll need to do something about that.

Couplea other issues:

The chain hits the left pipe. That’s not good.

and the clip-ons hit the tank. This is a known problem though.
Maybe I just need to acquire a ball peen hammer?

But hell, damn close!
(Yes, I did take this pic while sitting on my kitchen counter top)

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