kicked out

I’ve got a pretty short list now of things need to get done on the RD.
Unfortunately, I will have to finish up in my driveway.
My landlady decided to peek into my (blinds mostly drawn) windows the other day
and requested I remove the motorcycle from the kitchen.
Oops. 🙂

Since I have no place to keep the tool chests, they now serve dual-purposes:

2 thoughts on “kicked out

  1. WTF nosey ass land lady. You are a dream vision girl to the guys I know.
    What woman would turn her kitchen into a shop?
    We are all pissed off in Atlanta now.

  2. LOL!!! My landlord came into my apt once and saw my TZ in the living room.
    He stopped dead in his tracks and said “what’s that?”
    “Art” says I…
    and it was never spoken of again.

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