sleepy airport ramblings

I’m sitting at the PHX airport waiting to board. I got about three hours sleep last night. This is a good thing – hopefully I’ll sleep well on my Helsinki flight.

As I was walking to security, I saw a plane with a giant “HAWAIIAN” on the side. I should be on that flight. Instead, I’m going someplace chilly, wet, and on an interesting but most likely pretty depressing tour. Can’t we go to Hawaii instead? It’s warm there.

There was a lack of assistance at the ticketing desk. A French man in front of me was completely confused. We did some hand waving over our passports and at the kiosks, but ultimately, he was left stuck in line while I received assistance and got checked in rather quickly after having my identity verified. Apparently, a passport isn’t valid until you sign it. Good thing the ticket agent had a pen I could borrow. I was almost invalid and unverified. What a terrifying prospect.

First class is now boarding. Guess I should put my laptop away.

See ya’ll in Chicago! (Actually, probably not. I’m pretty sure O’Hare doesn’t have free wi-fi.)

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