in theory

It’s 2am in Phoenix.

I have a working theory that if I stay up late now (and last night) that it’ll help me adjust quicker to Poland time (9 hours ahead of PHX)

If the theory pans out, I’ll be tired but functional for my flight to Chicago ‘(in 7 hours from now), get through the International gate and on to my flight to Helsinki … and sleep soundly for the next 8 hours (more realistically maybe 4) and then wake up refreshed and ready for the day when my plane arrives at 08:30 in Helsinki to switch to my flight to Warsaw.

If the theory doesn’t pan out, I’ll be a nervous, exhausted wreck for at least the first part of the trip, until I take some Benadryl which’ll hopefully knock me out for that cross-Atlantic-ocean flight.

Wish me luck!

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