getting ready

It’s 12:44 the day before I leave for a fairly short-notice trip to Warsaw, Poland that takes me through Chicago and Helsinki, Finland. (I really like saying “Helsinki”)

I packed my bag, minus my morning toiletries, I have my travel clothes laid out and a note for my dog and kitty sitters on the kitchen counter.

I’ve done one other over-seas trip in my life and that was to Dublin in 2000. It was a direct flight and I slept on the plane. This trip has two plane changes, one where I have to navigate the convoluted and vexing Chicago O’Hare airport and one in a foreign country.

I can’t help but feel tension today. There really is no reason for it. As my grandma says, “I don’t see the problem, you get on the plane, you sleep, and you arrive somewhere.”  Done.

I wish I could be as matter-of-fact. My tension has no real focus, I suppose it’s just a general apprehension of being out of my element. If I was able to pilot the airplane, I’m sure I’d be fine. 🙂

Well, whatever happens, it’ll be interesting.

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