On the road again….

I just a few days I will be on my way to Warsaw. Poland.

Fourteen hours of travel to get there. Airplane, wait, airplane, wait, airplane. And Bam! I’m in Poland. I love seeing new places, but over the years I have lost my love of airplane travel. There are parts of it that I quite enjoy, and I think if I could just fly the plane I’d be fine. Dunno how the other people on the plane would feel about that….

It’ll be a fascinating trip full of history and family and sadness. My mom is meeting me there and among other places, we will visit Sobibor which will be intense.

I thought about creating a different blog site to document this journey, but I decided to post here. I’ll keep updated as often as possible, so visit frequently or sign up for email notifications (also see the “Categories” at bottom of main page for “Poland”).

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