But wait! There’s more! Truck platform build-out continues

But wait! There’s more!

I bought 6′ of square tubing with the intention to slide it over the existing legs to make longer legs.

A friend of mine has a machine shop, so I took the tubing over there and he cut it to my measurements.

It’s a good thing I didn’t go into architecture cuz it was too tall and slightly not level


At lunchtime today, I went back over to his shop and we cut the legs down to a more reasonable height. I wanted to be able to open the built-in cubbies on the floor, so it had to be at least that tall. We got the legs measured, leveled, and cut.

After work, I went by True Value and picked up some self-tapping screws so I could attach the slide-over legs to the original legs. (I’d originally considered tack welding them, but I don’t have a welder, so I figured this way would work just fine)

My neighbor has a drill press and let me use it to drill through the thicker stock.


Eyeballed the holes – pretty darn good!


I slid the slightly larger legs over


and got them all screwed in


Looks GREAT!


Since I can store a lot of stuff under the platform, I think that instead of using the quite heavy metal cabinet, but instead get a plastic foot-locker (on sale at True Value) for the random things.


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