baby’s gonna get new shoes!

Ah, my workshop is lacking. I so miss having a garage… but ya do what ya gotta do.

It’s been years since I dealt with a drum brake bike. It’s not hard, just different.

I forgot some of the idiosyncrasies and details. Luckily, I have dear friends who are but a text message away who can help fill in the cracks. The rear brake adjuster was sneaky. When you try to loosen the nut, it just spins. The trick is to move the booty to expose a hex, which then can be held with a wrench, or as he wrote, “roll it back, like a rubber.” He wondered if I would be able to finish the job after giggling to that.

In order to get the rear wheel off, I needed some kind of stand on which to balance the bike. Since I have yet to get some buckets, and seem to have lost all my milk crates over the years, I improvised.

Luckily, a couplea friends stopped by with a milk crate and got the bike propped up. It was good timing too, because I managed to tweak my lower back again.

We got the front tire off quickly and loaded the wheels into my car.
Tomorrow, I will take them in to get new tires!

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