new family member

I borrowed Steve’s pickup truck, rode with Steve up to the South Rim area of the Grand Canyon park, and bought a bike from Steve. It was a little confusing.

Who goes to the Grand Canyon and don’t go see the Big Hole?
Crazy motorcycle addicts do!
When we got to South Rim to meet Steve, this is the bike he showed us. A 1978 Kawasaki KL250


It started, ran, stopped. And was fun to ride!


It helps if you bring a ramp when you get a bike, but it was small and there were some guys hanging around, so we recruited them.

KL_up to truck

After getting the bike and requisite box of spare parts loaded up (old bikes always come with tons of spares. some of the stuff might even be useful) and all the hand-shaking over with, Steve and I headed back.


Now my Hawk has another friend!


Thanks, Steves!

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