It’s no secret that I consider myself Agnostic. And if you want to get really technical about it, I suppose I’d be considered more of an Agnostic atheist, although I do still identify as a Unitarian Universalist. (yay “free and responsible search for truth and meaning”) and dabble with my Jewish history (I like Hanukkah 😉 )

I’m reading Camus essays “An Absurd Reasoning: Absurdity and Suicide” – a sort of prelude to “The Myth of Sisyphus”. I haven’t looked at this book in years. The last time I picked it up was probably in 1998. Oh, I’ve flipped through it a few times over the years, but haven’t really given it much deeper thought. But now, as I read this first essay, I can’t help but wonder: if there is not some greater meaning, then what a cruel joke it is for us to have the capacity to wish for, yearn for, desire greater meaning. What is it in us that creates this terrible thought and desire?

It would be easy to say that God did this to us for some <quote Bible here> reason, but that to me seems just as ridiculous and vague as the idea of us longing for meaning when there is none. Camus calls it Absurd.

I wonder if Douglas Adams was right? In which case, I need a better calculator.

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