Rearsets, calipers, battery boxes… Oh My!

This past weekend a few friends came over to help me troubleshoot some problem areas I’ve been having with the RD project.

Today’s plan was to figure out how to mount the rear-sets, mount the rear master cylinder, route the rear brake linkage, and make a battery box.

Once we decided on a plan for making the battery box, Mike got right to work cutting up the stock one. This method is not following proper safety precautions. Good thing I’m trained as an EMT.

It needs a little tweaking, but it’s almost there! The plan is to cut at 90° (see purple mark), weld the box to the frame at those tabs, strap the battery in. It’ll be solid in the box, and easy to remove without having to undo the seat.

The tail light mount wasn’t too difficult, but I need a hole saw and a steady hand.

We tried a few different mockups of rear sets. First tried out some FZR ones I have

but we couldn’t get the brake side to work well. And the other ones look cooler anyway. 🙂 Unfortunately, I didn’t get a pic of them mounted with the footpegs. Der.

Took a little break for pizza and some benchracing…

Back to work, the brake side needed some ‘adjustment’

Working on linkage fittment

Another friend showed up later and we took it apart and measured what size new shaft I’ll need to make the shifter work properly. Now I just need someone with a lathe to turn one for me.

This belongs with the rear brake set up. It needs a clean-up.

and the offending master cylinder that has angle issues. Well, maybe it’s not the m/c’s fault. It could be that it’s trying to work with a 250 frame that someone welded a mount to at some point, I guess to work with the 400 swingarm and wheel. Feh.

Project board. The ballpoint ones are from when I temporarily misplaced my Sharpie.

So, onward to make a longer shifter shaft, continue on the quest for a reasonable rear brake setup, find a hole saw, get some welding done. Oh, and I probably need to put a front end on it at some point.

It’s progress and my friends rock!


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