Day One: On the train

I’m sure you can imagine where my head was post-museum.

As we ride along, I can’t help but think of the cattle cars and box cars that transported Jews along these same tracks away from the Warsaw Ghetto, various towns and Schtetls, to death camps such as Sobibor and Belzec.

The city gives way to forested landscape quickly with little towns interspersed. Birch forests line the railway. The juxtaposition of the past images with such beautiful landscape is heavy on my mind.

Elie Wiesel in his book “Night” wrote, “I’m going to teach you the difference between day and night.  Always look at a window, and failing that look into the eyes of a man.  If you see a face, any face, then you can be sure that night succeeded day.  For believe me, night has a face.”

It is daytime and the sun is bright. I look out the window and see only forest.

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