Day One: To the train

We left the museum to get water, some food for the 2.5hr train ride to Lublin, check out the hotel and get to the train station.

We stopped in a little market and I got yelled at (in Polish) for taking this photo of the bread display.

I had no idea what he was saying, but I could tell he was pretty upset at me. I just said, “English” and he replied, “NO PICTURES!” I gave a somewhat dismissive wave and apologized. I’m not sure why being yelled at in a language I don’t understand amused me, but it did. Quite a bit.

We ended up buying four rolls for the train ride. He wasn’t so grumpy at us when we checked out.

After gathering our things from the hotel, we made our way to the train station. We had some confusion as to which platform we needed to go to, but eventually figured it out. No thank to two ticketing agents or the random woman I asked.

Mom descends to the platform.

We are at the train station. The noise and smells  are the same as any city station. This one is not as dark as Chicago downtown Metra main station. It is more open and better lit. Chicago’s downtown Metra is one of the Nine Stages of Hell.

I understand nothing of the overhead announcer. However, in Chicago I could rarely understand the loudspeaker either. I can’t help but compare to what I know and draw similarities and differences.

The colors in this station are interesting.

Across the way, there is some mural on the far wall. I wish I knew what it says.

We are on the train. Second class here is finer than any Amtrak general admission ride I’ve taken and darn close to its first class. We have cubby seating, theoretically shared with a potential six other strangers.

We got our own room.

We had a lunch of delicious breads and pears.

Yes, I’ve been taking an inordinate amount of photos of bread. (it’s damn good here!)

A photo I took me myself

and mom reflected in our train-room mirror

. . .

5 thoughts on “Day One: To the train

  1. y’know, mister p, I never did get any matzoh ball soup.

    maybe I can get my fix here. 🙂

    and Lisa….yes indeed! We’re going to have to scout out some good deli at home so we can have yummy breads.

    • Ha! I got it, I was just ignoring it!

      Tomorrow, I go find soup. ( In Lublin. Or Opole Lubelskie – I think we are going there tomorrow, then come back and explore Lublin on Wed. )
      Oh yes, it will be mine.

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