July 12

I tweaked my back that morning I got the RD running…so after kicking it over, I spent the next week lying down popping naproxen and muscle relaxers. It started feeling better a couplea days ago, but figured I’d take it easy and not risk hurting myself further.

Today, I picked up a set of DG pipes a friend had hanging in his garage. (thanks RD Matt!)

They are in decent shape – couplea dents that won’t affect performance and some rust. So, I started sanding. By hand. I’m a dirty girl.

I made a bit of progress before a friend sent me an email with a valuable suggestion to put a wire wheel in my drill. So I said, “Screw this! I’m going Ace!”

At which point, I came inside and sat down.
I got a glass of water and ended up sucked into the computer. It’s 102F right now outside. Maybe I’ll make it to Ace today. Or maybe I’ll just go in the morning.

I need to research jetting for this set up, learn how to make some rearsets (cuz all the new ones are too damn expensive for me), figure out the brakes(!) and put some grips on

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