Here is the question du jour:

You are in a situation you can’t win. It is not intolerable, but it is definitely not functional. You have small victories, but each day is more of a sisyphusian effort than any kind of actual forward motion.

I generally live my life where quality of life is most important. Money comes and goes but you can’t get time back.

I am learning how to play the game – and I honestly don’t know if that is a good thing or not. You know what game I’m talking about: the one called Cover Your Ass. You kind of have to kill something in yourself to play this game because some of it involves throwing other people under the bus to save your self.  I greatly dislike that.

Do you continue to CYA because you need to make a living, but in the meantime it whittles away some core part of your self? Or do you move on and eat beans and rice for an indefinite period of time but keep your self-respect in tact?

There is survival of the fittest and that isn’t just for lions and tigers and bears. We are always compromising and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but how much compromise is healthy?

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