If I can successfully study and do practice tests during the noisy and interruptions at work, I can defintiely ace my tests in the classroom.

We have a paper and two pre-quizzes due in two days, plus two exams in class that day.
Then another test in class on Friday!

That said, I’m having a blast. I love what I’m learning and it’s actually a pleasure to study.
Never thought I’d say that.

It is difficult, however, to study and have an active social life. I’m finding that with this intensive course, I really have to schedule my time well. I’ve got some social things that I love to do (and keep me sane) and some people that are important to me that I want to make sure to spend time with… but school comes first no matter what. So, everything gets scheduled. I am enjoying being busy though. I always find that I’m most productive and creative when I’m busy. No time for slothing, no time for procrastination.

That said… back to studying!