geek humor

I’m on a local Linux listserve (PLUG)
Some people get into Linux because of the philosophy (FOSS), some people get into it because of the Penguin. Regardless of the reason, it’s great that more folks are getting into Linux.

Today, one of the folks on the list did an update. Here is what happened and the song that ensued:
(thank you Jim March for letting me repost this here! Jim is a founding member of the board of directors at )

” Some auto-updates broke x bigtime. Updates that repair the situation
are in the pipeline now and there’s pages and pages of screaming going
on in

So I wrote an “unborking guide” with some humor thrown in:

To the tune of “American Pie”:

A long, long time ago
Just last night in fact,
How my compiz desktop made me smile
And I knew if I had my way
That I could make Steve Balmer pray
And, maybe, he’d go FOSS, for just a while.
But today’s update made me freak
As X would die with a horrid shriek
Bad news on the desktop;
My computer was a doorstop
I couldn’t figure out what died
Or why my graphics card felt fried,
As if the update process lied,
The day Ubuuuuuuuuntu died.
So bye, bye to my work for the day,
Tried some hashes and some thrashes
but the boot was just nay
And ubuntuforum was all choked up and gray
singing “this has gotta be the day Karmic died” “

1 thought on “geek humor

  1. Um, let’s note here that I was testing a pre-release alpha version of Ubuntu. I have *never* seen a release-version Ubuntu pass a bad update out – not in three years.

    I’ve seen Fedora do so multiple times.

    In this instance, yeah, my machine was down for a few hours until they pushed some updates. I then connected via ethernet, got to a command line, forced updates, back to normal. Despite this glitch overall Karmic (due next month) is looking VERY good.

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