health care

After establishing residency by living here for a year, I applied for state health care. Under-employed and wanting to have a doc, I jumped through the hoops, answered the questions, filed the paperwork and poof! I’m covered. (Is this “socialized health care”? If so, I’ll take it.)

Until last week, it’s been very smooth. I picked out a doctor who had offices not far from my home, made appoitments, saw my doc within minutes of arriving to her office.

Last week, I received a notice that my doc is no longer with the Physician Group of Arizona. But, oh happy day and we are here to help; here is a new doc we’ve assigned to you.

Great! Today I finally got off my lazy ass and called New Doc.
“Hello! Welcome to Pediatrics! May I help you?”
oh dear.
“Hi. Well, I was assigned to your office, however I am not not a child so I have a feeling that ya’ll can’t do a whole lot for me.”

So now I start on the path to finding a new doc. Again.
Here we go…
“For service in English, Press 1”

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