I’ve been slacking on my pledge to write at least a post a week. I missed last week altogether. Oops. Ah, time flies when you are playing with motorcycles 😉

The DR has been continuously hard starting when cold. The first start of the day usually takes around 10 minutes of aerobic exercise. Yay kick-start only. I replaced the spark plug and noticed it’s running a bit lean. On advice from a friend, ordered a larger pilot jet to hopefully help with the lean cold starting. I’m skeptical, but we’ll see.

The previous owner took out the battery and replaced with a capacitor. I still wonder if the motor wants some extra battery juice in order to start. I think he gave me the original battery box, so I might hook it up and see if that helps if the pilot jet doesn’t.

I haven’t finished my morning coffee yet and my brain is still rather fuzzy, so this is all I am going to post today. On New Years day I promised I’d write each week, and that sometimes it wouldn’t be very good. This is one of those ‘not very good ones’. Sorry for the lame content. I’ll do better next week!

1 thought on “slacking

  1. Get a Shorai or a Ballistic Battery. It will survive offroad adventure and then you can move it to the next project. Your right leg will love you.

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