Desert Daze Dual-sport Adventure

What a fantastic weekend!
I’m already planning my trip for next year


We arrived at the Triangle T Ranch just in time for sunset.


Unloaded the bikes in the morning

And we joined AARG for a morning day ride.
I didn’t get very many pics on Friday.

Lunch stop in Portal:

Evening at camp:


First hill of the morning was a lot of fun:

We weren’t far from Triangle T, but I’m not sure where exactly. Took a right off the main road just past Dragoon (I think)

Visited the Cochise Stronghold campground.

and went here (wherever that is):

A few miles to camp, (I think on Sybil road or Tombstone Rd?) one of our guys got a nail in his tire. Boo.

After a slow fix on the tire, a little further on… this hill didn’t like me so much.

Oops. I pissed off some big rocks.
Luckily my DR wasn’t injured and I only sustained a pretty hearty bruise on my right hip. Of course, I hit just below where my padding ended.

Pretty sunset.
I love the desert.

We made it back to camp and had a good time at the saloon looking over the map-on-the-wall

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

We found the lake

Ended up in Willcox, where most everything was closed except for Rodney’s fine dining

I made a new friend

and saw some art on the wall of the “Rex Allen Sr. Fan Club” walk-way

I’m not sure where we went from there, all I remember are some amazing vistas and catching air at one point.
What a great day!

Made it back to camp for sunset


We packed up to a mostly empty Triangle-T and drove back to Prescott, dirty, tired, and happy.

Holy cow I had a great time! Our whole group did.
Very much forward to next year!

(more pics here if you really wanna see all our silliness 🙂 )

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