time flies….

Has it been over a week already? Did I miss my deadline?
Time flies, as the saying goes.

I prefer the slowing down of my perception of time that happens when I’m on a motorcycle ride, or camping, or with friends. The long, leisurely days. Sometimes during those moments on the road, or lounging about in a hammock on a warm day, time is as relaxed as I am.

Then there are days like today where time seems to be ticking along at a reasonable pace. It is Goldilocks’s middle bowl of porridge. Neither too hot, nor too cold. Not to fast, nor too slow. The screwy thing about time perception though, is that come tomorrow (Sunday), today (Saturday) will seem like it passed quickly and without fuss.

My dad once asked my elderly grandpa if he learned one thing from this life,
what was it?
Grandpa hung his head and looked sad.
He replied, “That life goes by very quickly.”

I think about that reply often.
How does one balance living life to the fullest with being responsible and pragmatic?
One answer I’ve often heard is to “find work you love.”
But that’s not possible for a majority of us.
My dad would have told me to find something I love in any work.
That is more feasible.
However, I don’t want to live a life of having to find joy.
I want to live it!
And for me “living it” tends to mean creative endeavors and travel – neither of which pay much at all.

So, back to the original question: How does one balance living life to the fullest with being responsible and pragmatic?

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