There is a meme going around where people post (on Facebook and the like) “28 Days of Thanks” and write each day about something for which they are thankful.
At first, I thought it was a little annoying because some folks were writing things like “I’m thankful for being a nice person”, but then some friends wrote things like “I’m thankful for my family” and I got to thinking about it and realized that this is a practice that is not foreign to me.

Almost a year ago, I first moved to the small town in which I now reside, I put a bowl in my windowsill, a little pad of paper and a pen next to it. Each day I would write something on one of the pieces of paper about something that pleased me that day. I was determined, that even if I had a bad day, that there was something in which I could find a bit of pleasure or happiness. It was a great exercise that I unfortunately stopped doing some months ago out of nothing more exciting than forgetfulness.

The idea for “28 Days of Thanks” is to write one thing you are thankful for each day.
Today, I had two things that were rumbling around my head:

I have been working a lot lately and it’s been making me a bit grumpy at times. But the fact is, I am supremely thankful to have employment. Being out of work, or underemployed, is ridiculously stressful, and I am thankful for not having that stressor right now.

My friends are wonderful. I am so lucky to have such amazing people in my life. They have helped me move multiple times all my boxes, tools, and concrete gargoyle Zim, they have taken care of my critters when I’ve been out-of-town, they have answered my anxious calls at 1:30am. They have kept me fed, curled up with me, and kept me company on twisty rides.

Those are my two for today.
I hope you have some too.

Thank you for reading my ramblings.


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