Shake Down Run #2

Shake Down Run #2

Finally had time the other day to pull the carbs apart and see what was inside them.
Wish I had a garage. This working-on-gravel-driveway thing might seem glamorous, but it really isn’t all its cracked up to be.

And my dog wasn’t much help

but, got them dissected

and found that the main jets were 130 and the needles were at third clip

Decided to change out the mains and see what happened.

Didn’t have time until yesterday to track down some jets.
Luckily, I found some 120’s in the next town over. (yay small towns?)

After looking closer at the carbs, saw that one of the gaskets was on upside-down, obscuring a port.
That probably contributed to it’s not running so good the other day!

Got the 120’s in and the carbs back together and on the bike.
While I was in there, I bought a new battery too – having lights is nice.

Test ride time!


I had so much fun that I shook a rivet right out!

Luckily, that’s an easy fix.

When I finally got home after a run to dinner and then over to show off to some friends 🙂

I found that my low-beam on the headlight isn’t working, and my tail light isn’t working. The brake light is okay, but the running light is no go.

What now?
Need a front fender or fork brace, tach, prolly need a mirror (legal).
There was something else…but I seem to have forgotten.


I was thinking this evening about how wonderful it is to ride something you’ve built.
I mean, I had help from friends (yay friends! holy cow my friends are awesome), but I made this happen.
I created this thing that now transports me! Such a fantastic feeling.

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