RD Aliiiiiiive!

Got up yesterday morning and felt good.

It finally wasn’t raining, and as I was taking a nice brisk early walk to the Farmer’s Market after I had coffee, I got a text message from some friends inviting me over for french toast breakfast – it was gonna be a good day! We had yummy french toast, went to the farmers market where I got some fresh corn, tomatoes, and pet some doggies. Then I went home and another friend came over to help with the RD.

We did some running around getting gas in the gas can and some bolts for the license plate holder.

Time to make pre-mix! 32:1 and measuring cup out!

That is one ug-ly inside of tank, but found out that it can take quite a bit more than two gallons.
That’s bettern’ my Hawk! Doubt it’ll get as good gas mileage though. Ha!

One thing I forgot was to make a strap for the battery.
So, electrical tape it was. For now.

Time to cross fingers and see if she goes!

(sort of)

That’s one of my fellow Howlers, Steve, commenting in the background. ha!

It started again a couplea times, then the lights went super dim and it was a no-go.
I have the battery on charge overnight and will try again tomorrow.
I’m hoping the battery is just lame, but from its behavior, its prolly some other issue.
Still crossing fingers and excited!

(some gratuitous ring-ding-ding of the spiky bike :mrgreen::

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