on organizing a ride

I’ve organized a number of shorter rides, but realized this morning that this was the first time I’ve created a longer ride.
It is more involved, and I thought of some things either too late or at the last-minute.

Things I learned (or knew but forgot and then remembered while on the ride) today:

* Get the route planned and solid at least a couple of days ahead of time.
* Have an end location. The group can stop, shake hands, say goodbyes, and be on
   their way. Creates a nice conclusion.
* Don’t put a friend on the spot at the last-minute because I get cold feet about
   leading the group in twisties.
   I am a good rider, and can set a fine pace.
   If someone wants to go faster, they can pass.
* Keep better track of who leaves early.
   We had a kinda big group today, and a number of people had to leave
   at various points in the ride.
* Don’t forget to bring water.
* Don’t forget to bring ibuprofen. Especially when you still have a stiff neck.
* Relax. It’s a lovely day and everyone is having a good ride.

I’m sure there are many more things I will think of to add to this.
But now, I just got home from this very fun ride and I’m hungry.
Thank you, Howlers VMC for a great day!

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