Pipes completed!

I have never riveted (although I really like saying that word. “rivet” it’s almost as good as “yurt”) but I know its super easy.
And it’s always looked like fun!

One of these days I’m going to make body work for a bike by just riveting metal together.

I set out all my stuff I needed for today’s little project:

and got to work.

Well, first I took an odd self-portrait after a friend told me I needed a “Rosie the Riveter” picture.

Instead, I ended up with a pic that is less Rosie and more, “Help! My right arm is out of control and is attacking me with an angle grinder!”

After the photo-op, I ground off the small rectangles of surface rust and repainted the areas with some Rustoleum.

Then I got to rivet!
I didn’t realize at first that it takes a couple of ‘pumps’ of the rivet gun to make the rivets expand. Ended up with a couple of mistakes before I got the hang of it.

After a few minutes of freak-out thinking that I’d put the badges on upside-down (part of me still thinks I did. Not sure why that’s stuck in my head) I got the pipes done!

One of them needed a little touch up paint, so it’s still outside drying.
But by tomorrow they will be ready to install!

2 thoughts on “Pipes completed!

  1. Looks good, will be cool to see those pipes on the bike. Have you ever considered submitting article to kool house publishing? You would sure to be a hit with their readers.cheers Zig

  2. Hi Steve!
    kool house publishing? I have not considered that.
    I’ll look them up! Neat!

    I’m pretty busy the rest of the week, but hoping to get the pipes installed on Sunday. Or Monday afternoon. 🙂

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