not progress

There are some days where you get out of the bed and quickly realize that you should have stayed there. This past Sunday was one of those days. I just couldn’t get my brain organized.

After a rather fumbley morning, I decided that I should get back to troubleshooting my RD project’s wiring harness. I was understanding it a couplea weeks ago, so I got it…right?

I bundled a cluster that I’m going to keep with super-fancy cord wrap*.

Then decided to be a crazy risk-taker and make a male plug for one of the trashed headlight wires.

The soldering iron I have is on the weaker end of the spectrum, so I had to wait a while for it to heat up enough. Then I burned the housing a little. But I made a decent solder connection, so I was happy. I wrapped it with electrical tape and moved on.

This is where things went a bit downhill.
As I went back through the harness, tracing wires to keep and trying to figure out how it all runs, I found two wires that needed to be connected to … something … but I couldn’t figure out to what. My brain was feeling a bit addled and sluggish, so after more unproductive staring at the harness and the wiring diagram and back and forth a few times, I gave up and watched a movie.



* that was rather tongue-in-cheek if you hadn’t guessed already.


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