RD is back!

Well, it’s been a while (understatement) but I’m back at it.
The project took a hiatus during a period of under-employment and a move but now I’m settled again and it’s time to get this thing done!

The RD has moved … and now lives in my kitchen.  🙂

Current Needs:
Tail light
Wiring (will probably build a new harness. big learning curve for me! yikes!)
License Plate holder
Gotta futz with the shifter
Exhaust gaskets
Shocks (black)
and because it’s a project, I’m sure other things will present themselves as I go along….

Tank and pipes are in the shed.

I started on the wiring the other day:
I think I’m actually getting the hang of this. (Famous last words, right?)

It’s more cleared out now. 🙂

I bought a soldering iron (finally!), solder, some shrink tubing and a circuit tester

and discovered that trailer wire is the same gauge as the bike wire, and a lot less pricey!
How cool is that?
(Hopefully, I’m not overlooking something obvious with this.)

Now I just have to figure out where all my wire tools went in the move….


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