we’re all mad here*

You can tell by the amount of pithy sayings about motorcyclists that we are a little off-kilter from those who don’t ride. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night** will keep a motorcyclist from riding when they feel the call of the road.

It’s really not very cold today but as I started to get some gear on for a little toodle after work, I thought, “It’s a bit chilly. I should bundle up.”
So, bundle I did.
However, it’s hard to hide from all of the wind chill. But I didn’t care. It’s a lovely day and I was on my bike. Sure, it ‘feels like’ 47° out, but that’s almost 50° and that’s almost balmy. Never mind the cold air blowing down my coat like a TourMaster ram air intake, it was great to be out on the road.

So, bring it on, Winter!
You won’t dampen my motorcycle spirit!
I’ve ridden in Chicago snowstorms, I’m not afraid!

(that said, I prefer 80’s and sunny)





* Said the Cheshire cat.
** Unabashedly grifted from the Postal Service creed.
Of course, they stole it from Herodotus.
It is true, there is nothing new under the sun. wink


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