Too much thinking is hazardous to your health

It’s a lovely night out. A mild 98*F or so. Good night for a ride.

I was on my bike thinking about how lax I’ve been in posting to lately. It seems that I write here when I’m feeling especially inspired, nostalgic, for a project update, or a trip report. But rarely do I write just to think out loud.

Inspiration has been slow coming these past few months, my project bike is on hold, I haven’t been on any trips as of late (well, I guess I did go to New York a couple of months ago…), and as for nostalgia, well, it’s become more and more apparent that the old refrain “you can never go home again” has lasted this long as a tired clichĂ© for a reason, so why harp on it? Because we can’t help ourselves but to remember those bittersweet days of youth. Songs are written about it, movies are made about it, writers write about it. I am no exception.

I have been missing home something bad lately, but just visiting doesn’t do the trick. I need a way-back machine to take me back to the steamy, irresponsible, wandering summers of my rebellious teen years.

This particular nostalgic thread has been flitting in and out of my over-taxed brain for a while now. Stress does wonderful things to the wishful thinking lobe in our brain. I think if they looked at the brain under a machine that goes “ping!” they would find that the wishful thinking area lights up the more stress it undergoes.

(it is also becoming painfully obvious that I need a keyboard attachment to my iPad if I’m going to continue to write anything longer than a Facebook update cuz this touch keyboard is a pain in the ass.)

On that note, I’m going to post this now and hopefully will motivate to post a more interesting piece once I get to a keyboard.

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