Forks update

Well, my forks officially suck.

Got them put back together yesterday. Just used the existing bushings and one of the tubes wasn’t too happy to go back together. Got it, but couldn’t get the fork seals installed. This afternoon, I went to a friend who has a fork seal driver kit

They were not wanting to install. Tough buggers.

We got them about flush with the top of the lower tube, but not sunk down enough to put the retaining clip in.

So, my search for a decent (and cheap) front end continues.

1 thought on “Forks update

  1. Whenever I find myself having to force parts together (other than an interference fit) I step back and assume that either I’ve gotten the assembly incorrect or one of the parts is broken or warped. Or there is not enough lube. Or there is a full moon. etc.

    Keep that upper lip stiff. Adam

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