Putting Spiky Bike back together

Real progress! Yay!

Today three friends came over and helped me do a bunch of stuff to my RD.

We got the frame stabilized and whew, that was tough. Time for a break and some homemade beer!

Ah, that’s better. Now to install the motor!

I’m sure there’s a joke here… “how many guys does it take to install an engine into an RD350?”


Success was ours!

I’m probably going to need a new kickstarter at some point. This one has cracks.

We got the swingarm and rear wheel on – and for some reason I have no photos of that.

Next we tackled the wiring harness. What a tangled mess we weave…. Oh, wait, that’s something else. We got the harness set up pretty good, but ended up losing our light before we got to really get into troubleshooting it. So, more work on that soon.

I’m not sure what Dino is doing to my bike here, but I’m sure it’s something naughty.

Okay, so I do know what he was doing with his arm up to the elbow in my bike. He was hiding some electrical bits under the tank!

from a different angle:

More hidden electrical bits:

With a little help from my friends

I’ll be tearing around on my RD around soon!

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